El Choclo (tango)

Publicado: Viernes, 18 junio, 2010 de normagomeztomasi en English

According to Roberto Selles account, this tango by Angel Villoldo was released in the elegant restaurant “The American” in 1903, which was located in Cangallo (now Juan Domingo Peron) 966. The orchestra that played for the first time was that of José Luis Roncallo. He named this song as “Creole Dance” as the tango had a bad reputation in that environment
It is not known when it was made but some versions speak of 1898
Regarding the name, Villoldo Irene (sister of the composer) had told the singer Juan Carlos Marambio Catan that Choclo “was the nickname of a man which had set up camp in the vicinity of Junín y Lavalle and referred to the color of his hair. “. This man was a “malevo” and “fioca”
Villoldo wrote two letters but none of them appeared in the score published in 1905
In the ’30s Marambio Catan adapted another letter which was sung by Angel Vargas
In 1947 Enrique Santos Discépolo writes the final verse
With this new letter was released by Libertad Lamarque in the Mexican film “Gran Casino”, directed by Luis Buñuel
One of the best known version is sung by Tita Merello

“Malevo”: Bully, fighter, slum dweller
“Fioca” (lunfardo voice): Pimp



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